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Easily the most horrifying line of dialogue I’ve ever heard in an animated movie.

i. love. this. movie.

Hold the fuck up. Prince of Egypt is on my dash again. I will literally never not reblog it. This is my favourite film, ever, it made my childhood, it’s quality as all get-out, and it’s a family tradition for us to watch it every year (usually on the second day of Pesach). It’s mindboggling. This is one of the most successful examples in fiction history of taking a concept like that and making it humanised, without completely demonising the enemy figures. And fuck me the character struggles were brilliant. Like glowing kind of brilliant. Like morning-and-evening-star kind of brilliant. When was the last time you saw a film nearly as effective? Let alone a religious one, an animated one, a ‘kids’ one.


((Best. Movie. Ever.))

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